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Deep Basin Contracting Ltd.

Deep Basic Contracting has been serving Northern Alberta & British Columbia since 1996. We offer a variety of work, including oilfield & lease construction, equipment hauling & aggregate sales. With a fleet of over 50+ pieces of heavy equipment we are able to comlete projects of all sizes. We also have long-term employees who have grown their families while employed at Deep Basin.

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Lease and Road Building


Lease Site and Reclamation / Clean-Up


Aggregate Sales


Contamination Clean Up & Hauling


Equipment Hauling

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Health & Safety

Deep Basin Contracting Ltd. is committed to responsible management practices that provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees and contractors, and safeguards the public while protecting the environment in which we work. To assist in meeting this goal, Deep Basin Contracting Ltd. employs a Safety Coordinator to ensure awareness of and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation, and to provide support to Deep Basin field supervisors in maintaining documentation while conducting work activities. In addition the safety coordinator serves as a reference source for employees if they have questions in regards to health and safety regulations, or safe work practices and/or procedures.

The Safety coordinator conducts the Company Orientation of new employees, and ensures new and existing workers are aware of their three legislated rights:

  1. Right to know hazards relating to their tasks;
  2. Right to participate in identifying work site hazards; and
  3. Right to refuse dangerous work.

Safety training records of each employee are monitored by Deep Basin and recertification courses are scheduled as required.

Oilfield Maintenance Services

Oilfield Maintenance Services

Deep Basic provides a full range of road and lease maintenance services to the oil & gas industry on an all seasons basis. Operating of graders equipped with snow wings, we have the capability to maintain a significant road network during the winter months. Other winter services include snow removal and hauling from facility sites, winter access work and winter freeze in projects. During the summer months we provide traditional road maintenance services including grading, gravelling and dust control.

  • Road Grading
  • Snow Plowing
  • Winter Access & Freeze In
  • Road Graveling
  • Dust Control

Trucking & Aggregate Services

Deep Basin operates a fleet of heavy trucks & trailers to transport equipment & haul aggregate materials. We utilize tandem with low beds & wheel combinations up to 7 axles, to move heavy equipment throughout Northern Alberta & British Columbia. With a fleet of box trucks and trailer units we can supply & transport large quantities of aggregates for projects in our service area. We also have a tank trailer to water down roads & leases.

Latest Projects

100,000 Cubic Meter Water Pond with Pad Site

100,000 Cubic Meter Pond

Facilities Pad

GPS Design & Grade Control Services

GPS Grade Control Services

To meet the demands on engineered projects we have acquired and deployed a significant number of heavy equipment units with GPS Grade Control. Backed by experienced supervisors with grade control site development experience we have the ability to accurately and efficiently grade our project of all sizes. Our GP grade control allows us to measure volumes and be more accurate on all projects. We utilize GPS grade control to accurately construct subgrades, tank foundations, excavate complex drainage networks and to place compacted aggregates with high precision.

GPS Design

Deep Basin’s staff estimators & technicians allow us to work with our clients and help design grading plans onsite in collaboration with our GPS. In house design allows our clients to save in the cost of construction. They have worked on a wide variety of projects and have the ability to develop workable designs with any soil or grade.

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